Tennis lover.
Coffee addict.
Pack leader of Penny

Milan Antolic Portrait Image


Not afraid of the unknown 01

Never designed an app for kids. Will bravely tackle the problem if the opportunity arises.

Always striving to improve 02

There is always something to improve, whether it be on a project or on myself.

Prefer working on high impact solutions 03

Solutions that change peoples lives for the better. The more the merrier.

Driven by results 04

That beautiful interface isn’t a good one if nobody knows how to use it.

Not hesitant to speak my mind 05

Especially when I think you are doing something leading to bad outcomes.

Keep things simple 06

Honesty and transparency in communication and collaboration.


  • User Research & Discovery
  • User Testing
  • Wireframing & Information Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Web Application Design
  • Responsive Website Design 
  • iOS Design
  • Android Design
  • Branding

Milosz Falinski

Former Director of Design @ Teltech
CEO & HandinHand

Milan is of the most brilliant UX minds I've ever had the chance to work with - able to understand any problem and propose a simple, intuitive solution, based on research and data. He's independent and brilliant to work with remotely, and his work ethic is nothing short of impressive.

10+ years of experience failing, learning & growing